is a young and dynamic tour operator in Ghana. Our diverse portfolio provide great value for individuals and groups who want to experience the best Ghana has to offer.

Our tour agents have travelled extensively all over Ghana. They know the people, the places to see, the cuisine and even the places to shop. We are no strangers to every corner of Ghana and that is the reason is the choice for visiting Ghana.

As a comprehensive tour operator, we can make any kind of travel arrangements. This can be package tours, cars, hotels and tours to anywhere in Ghana. From the Eastern boarder of Ghana to the Boi Reserves, from the mountains of Afadjato to the floating city of Nzulezu, the entire land is endowed with amazing natural and man-made tourist sites you deserve to explore. We have many ready-made Ghana tours with various interests combined and also work with you to organise tailor made itineraries, letting you choose the destinations and accommodations based on your personal preferences.

Contact our customer service team  and let us help you plan your travel requirements.

We cater for all type of travellers, individuals and groups, business traveller to the adventurer.

Before booking a Tour …

You should consider many things before you travel. The following advice may be helpful as you prepare to travel. Before you go, do your research about the country you plan to visit and learn a few phrases in the local language.

It would be a good idea to arrange supplementary health insurance and travel insurance. Carry proof of insurance coverage, and give a copy to someone at home. Have any required vaccinations. If you are taking medication with you, make sure you keep it in its original container. Carry a doctor’s prescription for any controlled drugs, and if you use syringes, carry a medical certificate. Leave copies at home as well.

Make sure your passport has not expired and is valid for six months beyond the time of your trip. Photocopy the identification page and keep it separate from your passport. Leave another copy with someone at home. Make sure you have any visas you need.

Keep the original receipts for any purchases you make, as well as for your hotel bill, rental car agreement, and medical service bills.