UCC Alumni threaten court action over rustication of 21 students

Some old students of Atlantic Hall of the University of Cape Coast say they are instituting legal action against the university following the rustication of 21 students linked to bloody disturbance last March.

In a four-page livid response to the decision, the Alumni held nothing back in a free-flowing frenzy of jabs and punches.

The temporal expulsion, they say “defeats logic”,  is “very backward and “very deficient with common sense”. The Association further described such move “very colloquial,” ‘insensitive” and  a “grand heinous scheme” which demonstrated “purposeful malice”.

Rewinding events, three students suffered stab wounds after students from two visiting universities clashed at Oguaa Hall during its Hall week celebration.

University of Ghana and KNUST students plus students from Atlantic Hall tried to enter Oguaa Hall  where a characteristic boisterous chanting was underway.

In a case of student rivalries gone too far, the students of both halls of residence and visiting students clashed destroying public properties.

Under pressure to deal with growing brand of lawlessness in tertiary institutions, UCC authorities promised to act.

But the Association say their action was “unilateral” because none of the 21 rusticated students were given any opportunity to respond to the charges against them.

“This suggests that, in the mind of management, these students were already culpable and their heads needed to roll”, the old students say.



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