Tidal waves drive 1,500 out of Ketu-South homes

High tides that caused flooding in the Ketu-South District of the Volta Region have caused schools to remain closed on Monday as the classrooms are serving as makeshift homes for displaced residents.

Sunday’s high tides were one of the many that hit many communities along Ghana’s coasts, destroying homes and displacing hundreds.

Joy News’ Volta Region correspondent, Ivy Setordzie, reports that at Blekusu in the Ketu South district, the waves started sweeping through the community around 6:00 am on Sunday.

She said a good number of the residents there have been left homeless with women and children worst affected.

The residents are asking to be relocated as some of them have already taken refuge in homes of family members living in other communities as over 1,500 people have been displaced.

Over 242 houses were submerged and properties destroyed, Ivy reports.

Apart from their submerged residences, their livelihoods have also been affected with over ten boats and nets completely destroyed.

In the Cape Coast in the Central Region, a fisherman lost his life in the tidal wave’s destruction.

At least three fishing communities were hit by the disaster.

Fishermen in Cape Coast, Ankaful and Saltpond had their livelihoods completely destroyed.

According to Joy News’ Central Region Correspondent, Richard Kwadwo Nyarko, more than a dozen canoes were destroyed in the disaster, Sunday.

The residents have attributed the tidal waves to sand mining activities in the area.

They are calling on government to provide sand breaks to at least mitigate any future tidal wave disaster.



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