The environment, our business

It is so interesting how much attention is given to this illegal mining menace in the country and how everyone is trying to show concern, as well as add their voice. We are complaining of fear of water scarcity in the near future and this is because water is an essential commodity for life.

The question now is, “why wait for a problem to arise or get worse before we start giving it attention?” One problem with most Ghanaians is that, we are not proactive; rather, we like to politicise everything. Environmental issues should not be politicised at all, but seen as a national responsibility. I have a role to play, so do you.

Now, the mining issues are prevailing, but we are forgetting that the rainy season is just around the corner. Lives and properties will be destroyed, families will be displaced, flooding is going to increase cholera and malaria cases; and then the complaints will start again, and attention will shift there. That is when we begin to see the need for good sanitation. This is because our drains are choked with rubbish and houses are built on waterways. It is good we address the prevailing situation with respect to illegal mining, but in doing this, let us not be negligent of the other sanitation issues in the country. Let us start mapping up strategies to address issues that come up during downpours before the rainy seasons begin in order to save the situation.

Fellow Ghanaians, let us rise up and build this nation as Nehemiah did. Don’t say because you don’t support the ruling party, you will not concern yourself with environmental issues. If you live with such a mindset, Ghana will not move forward, and you will also face the consequences. Either your family member, a close friend or loved one or even your very self will be affected in one way or the other. Therefore, don’t act like you don’t care.

Besides, let us not wait till a national sanitation day before we see the need to take care of and clean our environment. The President and his team are trying their best to put measures in place but our contribution is much needed. You and I have to help implement the policies they bring up. Let us endeavour to maintain good personal hygiene, be it at our workplace, in a car, at home or on the street. When you happen to buy something to consume outside, don’t throw the rubbish on the ground; rather, tie it and keep it in your bag or pocket till you get to a refuse bin and dispose of it into the bin. With this, we save the environment and ourselves.

The environment gives us what we feed into it. Therefore, as we try to find solutions to address the illegal mining menace, let us not be negligent about other environmental issues. It is not about a particular political party, but about you and I; it is our business.

Together, we build a better environment for Ghana. Let’s save the environment. Long live Ghana!



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