Restrict import to protect economy-CIMG to govt

The Chartered Institute of Marketing –Ghana (CIMG) has appealed to government to restrict the importation of certain goods into the country to protect local producers.

According to the institute, it will be in the powers of government to cut down the influx of certain products to allow Ghanaian companies to grow.

Speaking to Citi Business News during the Annual General Meeting of the Chartered Institute of Marketing –Ghana, the President of the institute, Kojo Mattah stated that there is the need for a regulation to restrict the importation of some gods.

“I think we have over liberalized, but then again, we must look at the situation and come out with the best regulation. We must protect our local producers and it is important to make us competitive,” he said.

He was of the view that government can also find some space to protect local producers through enacting laws.

Reacting to a question on whether the move will not breach international trade rules, Mr. Mattah maintained that there is nothing wrong with a country protecting its economy.

“I don’t think it will breach the international trade rules. We are not saying we should prevent other goods from coming into the country. We are calling for the protection of our local producers,” he stressed.

Touching on the performance of the institute for 2016, Mr. Mattah stated that there was an increase in income from GHS117,830 in 2015 to GHS190, 570 in 2016.

On other matters affecting the institute, he pointed out that membership increased to 1260 in 2016 as against 1195 in 2015.

“The increase is the result of 65 new members inducted in 2016. At the close of 2016, 477 members out   1260 representing only 37.86 percent are in good standing,” he said.



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