Meet the UG graduate who is a janitor

A Food Process Engineering graduate from the University of Ghana has established a business by cleaning the dormitories of various tertiary institutions.

Leslie Mensah-Asare, the CEO of Consume-ate Janitorial Services, told Class91.3FM’s Moro Awudu on Monday, May 29 that he had the idea in the third year while pursuing his undergraduate programme at the University of Ghana.

“I came up with the idea when I was in third year and took over a year for me to get over the fear of it not being successful,” the 22-year-old said.

He said his parents were initially hesitant when he disclosed his proposal to them but received encouragement to pursue his dreams.

The Cleaner in Suit, as he is popularly called by friends, has managed to employ eight persons after operating for a year. Five are janitors and the other three undergraduates serve as supervisors.

He has, therefore, diversified with other ideas under his sleeves as he designs bags, footwear, T-shirts, phone and tablet cases among others with African prints for production and export.

Explaining how he got into the janitorial business, he said: “I identified a challenge; as a student I realised people get busy and are not able to make the time to clean up.”

Mr Mensah-Asare indicated that in his first week of operations, “I was recommended by students to people outside campus and the blessings continued”.

He revealed: “I have always seen myself as a manager either giving out work or ensuring that something is done right.

“I always saw myself as a CEO managing a firm”.

He admitted the beginning of the business venture was challenging and recounted one of the many “miracles” when the Dean of Students gave him approval to operate on campus and its environs.

“One of my miracles was when the Dean of Students actually met with me and gave me approval after reviewing my proposal and added his number to the approval letter,” he said.

He advised individuals to seize any business opportunity which comes their way because “there are times and seasons and when you miss your time it will be difficult to make it” in life.



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